The Trio Travel North

A few days after getting their tree decorated with popcorn strings, courtesy of Mrs. P, and the other decorations Kate had, she made the decision that they would travel north since Spencer offered to go with them. Kate didn’t want to deny Sarah or the Kern’s the chance to visit. They would be gone for five days and when they got back, they would still be some time to prepare for their early Christmas before Kate had to deploy. There was no way Kate would have made the trip with Sarah by herself at that time of year, in that kind of weather otherwise.

It was a miracle they could both get leave, but they had ‘use it or leave it’ days, so they would use some of it for their trip.

They arrived at the Minniapolos/St. Paul air port in falling snow, with a couple inches covering the ground already. Kate was glad that someone had bought Sarah a winter coat and that it fit. It was enough trying to fit their clothes into one carry on, knowing she had the car seat and other paraphernalia she had to bring along. She was grateful Spencer was strong and was there to help.

Sarah was excited to ride a plane, and much to Kate’s relief seemed to enjoy it. She had sat in the window seat and watched, the whole way enthralled at the clouds and being so high above the earth.

Spencer got them a rental car since they would have Sarah’s seat with them and knew the way around the area. Kate was glad that Lauren and Dale readily agreed to have Spencer come as well.

“When we get out of the suburbs, I’ll have you call Lauren for the rest of the directions. I remember how to get to their town, but not the turns to get to their acreage.”

“Okay. Thanks for coming with us.” Kate had thanked him at least three times already.

“You’re welcome…again.” He smiled at her, knowing how grateful she was. He squeezed her hand, and then headed toward Lauren’s house.


Until next time,


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