Kate, Sarah and Spencer Welcomed

Spencer drove down a rocky driveway and pulled in front of a sprawling ranch home with pine trees on three sides and smoke coming from a chimney. Kate didn’t think it would take her long to settle in. Just the setting was peaceful to look at. A long porch ran along the front of the house where a porch swing and several chairs with flowered cushions made it look inviting, even in winter.

“I can see why you liked coming home with John.” Kate was still looking through the windshield.

“Yep, and Mrs. Kern is a great cook, too.”

“Oh? I should have known. Is that why you offered to come?” Kate slid out of the car and stretched, not expecting an answer. She pulled Sarah’s door open and unbuckled her. Her little girl was in awe as well.

“Partly,” he answered, getting out. He unlocked the trunk and reached for their bags.

“Come on in,” Lauren opened the door wide. “It’s so good to see you all.” Her smile was genuine and she hugged each one of them. Her Christmas cardigan and slacks made her look a little like Martha Stewart except Lauren had darker hair.

“Dale can take your coats and I’ll show you to your rooms where Spencer can put your bags. Spencer,” she turned to him, “you can have the blue room, and you, Sarah, can have the pink room and Kate, you can pick from the lavender or the green room.” Dale took their coats and hung them in the large closet in the foyer before Lauren led the way.

Kate chose the lavender room, liking it right away. The walls were a soft purple and there were darker purple flower accents on the bedding, rug and curtains. A club chair in pastels sat in the corner near the window. Kate had a feeling she could stay here very easily. Spencer left her bag there for her to unpack while he went to his room.

Kate unpacked her things and put Sarah’s in the room she would be in. Sarah’s room was similar, but had two twin beds with white headboards and chest of drawers and one nightstand to match. The curtains, rugs and lamp were in pastel pink with white flowers.

A few minutes later, Lauren offered them refreshments. “Dinner will be ready around six.”

They could already smell something with garlic and tomatoes from the kitchen. “Sarah, I found some books you might like,” Lauren picked up a basket of board books from around the corner of the hearth where a fire blazed in the stove. She patted a place next to her on the sofa and Sarah was happy to pull out the books to look at.

“Spencer, why don’t you and Kate take a walk along the property and show her around. I don’t think it’s too cold yet and the snow is slowing.”


Yes, Spencer, why don’t you?

Until next time,


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