Spencer and Kate Go for a Walk

“Sure thing, Mrs. K.” He pulled their coats from the closet and they were soon walking along the edge of the woods. The temperature was near 40, and Kate could hear the crunching of their boots on the older snow. The scent of pine was heavy from the trees all around the property. “I have a feeling that she wanted Sarah to herself,” Kate said once they were out of listening distance from the house. Not that she worried about being heard.

“Perhaps. Or maybe she wanted you with me.” Spencer eyed her hopefully. He took Kate’s hand and pulled her closer.

“Oh? And why would they want that?” Kate asked playing along.

“Maybe so we could—” he let go of her hand, bent over, scooped up some snow, formed it into a ball and lightly tossed it at her, “have some snow fun.”

“Hmm. I don’t think so.” But she quickly made a ball of her own and tossed it at him, not so gently.

They continued to play in the snow, Kate determined she would hit Spencer more than she would miss. The chance to exert some built up energy along with the clean crisp air proved refreshing. Perhaps Mrs. Kern knew what she was doing after all. Their snowball fight took them near a small clearing. “What’s this?” Kate asked spying a log cabin that looked every bit as cozy as the Kern’s house.

“The cabin.”

“’The cabin?”’ Kate echoed.

“Yep, it’s their guest house/cabin for extra guests.”

“Looks nice.” She stepped up to the porch and peeked through a living room window.

“I’ll give you a tour.” To her surprise, Spencer opened the door.

“We can just walk in?” Kate slowly followed him inside after brushing off most of the snow from her clothes and stomping her boots a few times on the outdoor rug. Spencer followed suit and then shut the door. She shivered since there was no one staying in it and the cold seeped in.

“They don’t usually lock it unless they’re out of town. I’ve been in it myself a time or two at Christmas or the Fourth of July.”

Kate loved the beamed ceilings and log walls. The floors were covered in a beige carpet and scatter rugs sat near the doors for wet boots. The many blankets and natural decor around the place made it homey.

Kate thought about how nice it would be if she and Spencer could stay in it. She imagined them watching a movie by firelight—another stove, though smaller, stood at the rear of the living room. A large basket of kindling and newspaper knots stood at the side at the ready.

Spencer let her wander from room to room while he waited in the living area, perched on the edge of a leather ottoman. He wondered what she was thinking. And he wondered if she was thinking the same thing he was.


Hmmm, I wonder if Kate and Spencer are wondering the same thing?

Until next time,


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