At the Cabin

The fireplace glowed tangerine orange and crackled like miniature firecrackers. The night outside was cold and black as ink. Northern winds blew against the windows, but inside the log cabin, Kate and Spencer kept warm.

They nestled under a blanket on the sofa and watched a Christmas movie. It was just as Kate imagined the other day when she took the tour of the cabin. The two of them were comfy and it was quiet. She was wearing blue flannel pajamas with a miniature snowflakes pattern and her new robe Spencer gave her for her birthday.

It was funny, but it almost seemed as if Spencer had been invited by Lauren to come. But Kate wasn’t going to ask. And then, Lauren and Dale suggested the two of them stay in their cabin a few nights while they watched Sarah for Kate. And so here they were.

She also wondered if when she and Spencer had toured the cabin that day if Mrs. Kern knew they would find it. It almost seemed to Kate that they were all conspiring to get her and Spencer together. Were they? It really didn’t matter, because Kate was perfectly willing.

The cabin was cozy, with stacks of firewood near the wood burning stove and food stored in the small kitchen to prepare simple meals. The cabin was dust free, fresh produce for salads was in the fridge and clean linens were on the beds. If Kate didn’t know any better, she thought maybe it was a set up. But she didn’t dare ask about this, either. She was going to enjoy these few quiet days without Sarah’s chatter.

For now, Kate and Spencer enjoyed the fire while watching a movie on the Hallmark channel. He reluctantly agreed to the two hours of torture after making a deal with Kate.

“On one condition,” he said.

“What’s that?”

“Every time there’s a smooch on the screen—I don’t care if it’s a jewelry commercial, I get two kisses.”

Kate laughed. “You drive a hard bargain, mister.” She held out her hand. “Deal, sealed with a kiss.”

Spencer pulled her hand so she had to lean on him. “Make that two.”

Before she could protest, his lips were on hers for a sweet and tender kiss, sending waves of pleasure down her spine. And then a second, just as tingling. “Now, that’s a deal,” he said.

Earlier in the day they had gone sledding down some gentle hills a short distance away. Lauren encouraged them to use whatever equipment they found. So much fresh air and exercise over these last few days really made Kate tired in a good way. Thus, the quiet evening by the fire and the small television in the living room.

Lit candles glowed throughout the cabin and, and Kate enjoyed the atmosphere the shadows from both the fire and the candles provided along with the warmth they created. They spent quiet evenings either playing a game from the stack on the open shelf or reading the books they brought. Kate could relax with Spencer, knowing Sarah was well cared for at her grandparent’s home a few steps away.

During a commercial break, Kate dipped her hand in the bowl of popcorn they were sharing and grabbed a handful. “Hard to believe we have to leave in a couple days already,” Kate said.

“I know. I’ve had a lot of fun up here. It’s hard to forget about John though. He and I used to hang out in the woods or go fishing in the nearby lake.” Spencer spoke at the television, watching for any kisses during the commercials. Kate smiled.

“I’m sure it’s hard for Lauren and Dale, too. I’ve never been here, but it’s a little strange under the circumstances.” She wiped her hand on a napkin and changed the subject. “Timothy seems nice.”

“Yeah, he’s a good guy. Gave John and I grief sometimes, but all in fun.” Spencer took a sip of his iced tea. “We were sharing war stories earlier. He’s getting out in the spring, said he’s had enough, especially with John gone. He doesn’t want to worry his parents anymore.”

“Don’t blame him. What does he do?”

“He’s an electrician.”

“I heard him say his wife is more than ready for him to get out. As a school teacher she would love to stay in one school longer than a year or two.”

“Military life and family life don’t always mix.”

“That’s for sure.” She leaned her head on Spencer’s shoulder, trying to concentrate on the rest of the movie.


Until next time,


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