Spencer Considers Proposing

That night’s dinner had been by candle light and very simple. Kate had made a meatloaf and baked potatoes while Spencer made a Romaine salad. Now relaxing by the fire, they sat close, lost in their own thoughts.

Kate tried not to worry about leaving the safety and security of her beloved country, but found it difficult to say the least. She had to leave Sarah behind with Spencer, Mrs. P and other friends. She sat in front of the movie, but her thoughts and worries played around in her head.

While Kate worried about her upcoming trip, Spencer fingered the small velvet box in his pocket. He knew Kate’s answer already, as they had discussed marriage previously. But he wasn’t sure if she was prepared emotionally. And with this darn deployment coming hard and fast, he didn’t want Kate to feel pressured or feel any extra stress.

He thought sure Kate’s grieving had lessened over the last few months and that she worried about going into harm’s way. Not for herself he knew, but for Sarah’s sake. If anything happened to Kate, poor Sarah would lose her third parent in as many years. His finger ran along the small square box. Should he or shouldn’t he?

“I’m scared.” Kate’s whisper interrupted his thoughts.

“I know. You have every right to be.” He pushed her hair over her ear and slid his hand down her back.

Kate turned her gaze from the fireplace to Spencer. He saw that she struggled with words and let silent tears drip off her cheeks.

Spencer pulled Kate into his lap and held her, fingered away her tears and rubbed her back. He honestly didn’t know what he would do if anything happened to her. He couldn’t think about it. She had to come back. “I’ll miss you terribly. And Sarah will, too.” His words came out in a hoarse whisper.

He kissed her softly on the forehead then her cheeks and lips. Her response was warm and tender, causing a spike in his insides that made him quiver. He pulled away before they reached the point of no return and regret. With Kate’s worry about her upcoming deployment, he decided to propose at a better time. Instead, he said, “I love you, Kate.”

“I love you too,” she whispered. Spencer felt her arms tighten around his neck as if she wanted, needed his strength. “I want to stay right here forever,” she added.

“Me too.” He rubbed her back, trying to reassure her as much as he was able. He kissed her lightly on the top of her head and held her. When Kate fell asleep, he gently got up and covered her with the blanket and left the lamp on. He blew out candles, added wood to the fire and went to his room, moving the jewelry box to his shaving kit bag. Perhaps when they returned and celebrated Christmas would be a better time. He hoped so.


Until next time,


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