Going Home

During their flight home Kate fretted about her upcoming deployment. She made a mental list of things to do. She needed to write out a plan for Sarah’s routine and leave contact information, etc for Spencer. It hadn’t been that long ago she went on her last TDY when she went to Germany, so she had all her shots, but had to update her will (now Spencer was named legal guardian) if anything happened to her. Spencer would keep Buttons for her and would check on Sarah on weekends when he could.

Mrs. P, Jen, and Kelly would work out a schedule that worked for them and Kate was grateful for such good friends.

As Sarah watched out the plane window Kate thought over the last several days. She wanted to remember this week forever. She had loved the slower pace, the walks they shared in the woods, the simple meals with less mess, time spent with Spencer and Sarah, the nights by the fire. The sheer peace she felt. At least until she remembered her TDY.

Kate couldn’t believe that she was a mother now and was considering marriage to Spencer. She thought for sure she and John would marry and never have children. Her world had changed so drastically in such a short time, sometimes she wondered if she was in a dream. But as she pinched herself, and watched Sarah looking out the window and glanced at Spencer who smiled at her, she knew she was not.


Until next time,


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