Spencer Leaves Work Early

Spencer was worried. He knew it wasn’t like Kate to be incommunicado on purpose. An airman was supposed to be reachable at all times, in case something happened and they had to report in or leave immediately.

Something happened to Kate and he had to find out what. He found Sergeant James and explained the situation. Before Spencer could finish, James said, “Go, go. We got it. Call us when you find out what’s going on. I’ll leave a message for Thompson.”

“Good idea, thanks.” With that, Spencer was out of the building and half-running to his car. The cold temperature and the darkness didn’t register. He turned up the volume on his phone and left it in his coat pocket as he had to clear snow off the windshield and the windows before it was safe to go anywhere.

The snowflakes were huge and heavy with moisture. Spencer took more time clearing off his car than he wanted, but knew it was the safer thing to do. All along the route, he glanced along both sides of the highway, looking for evidence of accidents. He had seen three already and still had a couple miles to go. His stomach tightened.

Spencer’s intense focus was on watching for Kate’s car and keeping himself out of trouble and when the phone rang, it jarred him out of his concentration.

“Hello?” Spencer answered. His hands-free connection allowed him to keep his eyes on the road.

“Is this Sergeant Coleman?”

“Yes,” he barked. He put his flashers on and pulled to the side of the road.

“This is dispatch from Fairview. I got a call that you were looking for a Kate Langston, she’s been taken to St. Ez, unconscious.”

“Oh, boy.” He would have used other words, but they wouldn’t have helped. “I suppose you have no idea how she is?”

“Not really, but according to officers at the scene, she was taken by ambulance after getting swiped from the side and pushed into the ditch. Possible bone fractures, don’t know for sure.”

“Thanks. I’ll report it to the base, thanks again for calling.”

“I hope she’s okay. Take care now.”

Spencer hung up, dialed James and gave him the info that he knew. “Okay, I’ll let Thompson know. You be careful out there, we don’t need two of you down.”

“Got it, I’m headed to the hospital.”

He hung up again and dialed Kate’s to let Mrs. P know. “Are you okay to stay the night or—”

“I’ll be fine, just check on Kate and call me as soon as you know. I’ll be by the phone. We’re good here and Spencer—”

“I know, be careful.”

“Right. I’ll be praying.”

“Me too.” Spencer pulled back onto the highway and took the mall exit to turn back around and headed to the hospital in Belleville. Now his stomach and his heart felt tight.


Until next time,


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