Kate Taken To St. Elizabeth’s

Earlier in the evening the Fairview Heights Police Department were notified by an unidentified Good Samaritan of an accident on the highway not far from the mall exit. One car was in the ditch. Officers Taylor and Griffith were dispatched to the scene.

An unconscious Kate was picked up by emergency personnel and transported to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in downtown Belleville. She was assessed and put into a room to await an X-ray on her arm.

Officer Taylor received a call from dispatch, asking if one of the injured might be a Kate Langston. “Let me check, hold on.” He slowly slid down the ditch and opened the crushed door and turned on his flashlight. He searched for a registration and was able to pull it out of the glove box on the other side of the car.

“Yes, this car in the ditch is registered to that name.”

“Copy that. An inquiry came from Scott about a missing airman. I’ll pass it on.”

Officer Taylor returned the registration as he found it, shut the mangled door, but didn’t bother to lock it before the car was towed away. It was most likely totaled, but had to be hauled away and left to be picked up whenever the owner could retrieve it.

The other driver was shaken but conscious and taken away by ambulance also. Taylor and Griffith processed the scene and made notes to talk to both parties the next day or as soon as possible. They had another call to respond to.


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