Spencer Arrives at the Hospital

Spencer pulled into the nearest Emergency Room parking spot and whipped out his ID from his wallet. He would get answers and he would get them now.

As soon as the receptionist behind the check in desk saw Spencer striding toward him in his uniform, he knew who we was looking for. He picked up his phone and held up a hand toward Spencer to let him know he was on it.

Spencer slid his ID card back int his wallet and took comfort that the uniform meant something, sometimes. He paced in front of the desk, oblivious to the patients sitting around the waiting room, eying the drama in front of them.

Spencer couldn’t answer if anyone asked what Christmas carol was playing overhead or how the E.R. waiting room was decorated, all he knew was that he had to find Kate and soon to find out how she was. The small baubled tree on the table in the front corner didn’t register, nor the stockings hanging on the walls with staff names spelled with glitter.

“She’s been taken upstairs to Radiology, second floor.” Before Spencer could ask, he added, “Still unconscious.”

“Thanks,” Spencer went the way the receptionist indicated toward the elevator and hoped he could find someone to give him an assessment. If she was badly hurt, this would change things considerably. He tried to breathe as he rode the elevator.

Spencer didn’t find Kate at the X-ray office, but the kind technician at the desk clicked a few buttons on his keyboard and told him Kate had been admitted and was in room 538.

“Thank you, I appreciate it.” He spun away toward the elevator again, fiddling with the bill of his cap, about to scream. How bad was she? He couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. His boots clomped down the hallway as he dialed Kate’s number again and informed Mrs. P with what he knew so far.

“You might as well go to bed, if you can.”

“I’ll try, Spencer. Buttons is staying close, he knows something’s not right.”

“Pets are good at that. I’ll call if I get any idea how she is.”

“Thanks, I’ll keep the phone close.”


Until next time,


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