Spencer Calms Down

Spencer found the room Kate was assigned to and walked in quietly. She looked okay, except for her arm in a sling and scratches and bruises on her face and neck from the airbag. Spencer knew she would be sore for a few days at least.

A nurse came in to check her temperature. “Do you have any idea how she is?” Spencer asked, not too hopeful.

The nurse eyed Spencer and his uniform and asked, “Is she active?”

“Yes.” He didn’t say any more.

“I’ll see what I can find out.”

“That would be most appreciated,” Spencer said before slumping into the chair at the end of the bed. He was exhausted.

She finished her assessments and noted them in the chart hanging on the foot rail and left the room.

A gentle shove on his shoulder woke him up only a few minutes later. He sat up in the chair and saw the same nurse earlier along with another one, who was several years older. “This is Nurse Odum, she can let you know how your friend is.” The first nurse left the room.

“I assume you know her?” Nurse Odum had short brown hair going gray and freckles, lots of them.

“I work with her, yes.” And I love her.

“She has a slight concussion and we’re monitoring her overnight. In the morning, if she wakes up, she’ll get a cast on her arm-it’s fractured. She’s not in any pain, there’s an IV drip with meds running through it.

Do you have any questions I might be able to answer?”

“Will she be here more than a day or two?”

“No, unless she remains unconscious.”

“Thank you, nurse.”

“Are you required to stay?”

His first thought was to say yes, but he truthfully shook his head.

“I would go home and get some sleep if you can, she’s in good hands. But you look like the stubborn type, so I’ll get you a blanket.” And she quickly and quietly left the room, leaving a blast of cold air in her wake.

When she returned with a folded blue blanket, Spencer started to say, “I’m not stubborn—”

“She’s one of your own, I get it.” She handed him the cover and and said she’d be right back. When she came back, she was pushing a recliner covered in a blue plastic material. “You’ll be more comfortable stretched out in this,” and she set it up in the corner with another blanket to use like a sheet. “The doctor will be here early in the morning and will give you a full report.”

She started to leave the room, but turned back and said, “Thank you for your service; it’s appreciated.” And with that, she was gone leaving Spencer in a semi-dark room with Kate hooked up to humming machines.

Spencer had given the nurse a nod of acknowledgment before pulling out his phone, and giving Mrs. P a quick update and making sure she could stay put until he took her home in the morning. “We’re fine, Spencer. Just take care of our girl.”

“You got it. See you in the morning.”

He called James, updated him and then turned his phone off and fell asleep instantly after moving to the recliner and pulling up the blanket.


Until next time,


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