Kate Released from Hospital

The next morning, Kate woke up stiff and sore. She was instantly worried about Sarah as soon as she realized she was in the hospital. But Spencer told her what happened and reassured her that Mrs. P had everything under control. After getting Kate’s cast in place, some prescriptions for pain, and discharge instructions, she was released.

“I think you’ll have to get a new car,” Spencer said as he drove her home. Three inches of snow covered the ground and it was still coming down steady.

“Good thing I didn’t get to it yet. I guess I’m getting a bigger Christmas present this year.” Kate tried to sound optimistic, but she was tired. She leaned on the door with her eyes closed.

“Not the best circumstance to get one,” Spencer agreed. He drove her to the store where he waited with her to get her prescription and then drove her home.

Spencer helped Kate up the stairs and inside. Sarah came running, yelling, “Mommy!” and stopped in her tracks when she saw Kate in her cast. “Mommy, okay?” Sarah looked worried once she saw Kate in her condition.

Kate bent down to Sarah’s level. “I’m a little banged up, but I’m okay, honey. I just need to take it easy for a while.” Kate rubbed Sarah’s back with her good hand. “Have you been a good girl for Mrs. P?”

Sarah nodded, her hair bobbing up and down. She was in her pajamas but looked like she had eaten breakfast. There was a little dried milk in one corner of her mouth.

“Good. Come sit on my lap.”

Mrs. P had some hot water on for tea and made them all a cup. “I was so worried,” Mrs. P said, handing Kate her tea which she took in her good hand.

“I had no idea what happened. I was just driving along and then suddenly I was out.” Kate lifted her casted arm. “Guess I’m not going TDY, either.”

“Nope,” Spencer said. “Sergeant Thompson swore up a storm at James last night, when I told him about your accident. He had to get somebody out of bed and let them know they were going away for Christmas.”

“I feel bad,” Kate looked at Sarah, “but it’s not my fault.”

“No, it isn’t. I’ll stay for a few days and help you until you get the hang of things with one arm,” Mrs. P frowned. “How will you manage?”

“Good question.” Kate looked at her cast, still clean and new in a pretty aqua color. Kate thought of the presents she still had to wrap and wondered how she would give Sarah her baths, how she would cook…and all the other things she did daily. The good thing was she didn’t have to leave after all. She took some satisfaction from that, even though a part of her felt bad for whoever had to take her place. Spencer knew the person only by name, he didn’t really know the guy.

Kate held a sleepy Sarah on her lap and drank her tea carefully. She looked at the tree and thought about the trip they had made to Minnesota, glad they had made it. Mrs. P took Sarah to get her dressed for the day and then rejoined them.

“I have to go, are you okay here?” Spencer asked the women.

“I’m fine, if Mrs. P is fine.”

“We’re good. I think we have enough milk and everything.” Mrs. P helped Sarah put on her socks. “I’ll start some laundry and get chicken noodle soup going; I think I saw everything I need for that.”

“I’ll check in later. Kate, I’ll try and find your car and look at it, if you want. I need to go talk to Thompson.”

“If you have time, otherwise don’t worry about it. It’s not going anywhere.” Kate gave him a small smile.

“I’ll see you all later, then.” He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and gave Sarah a bear hug. “Bye, Mr. Daddy,” Sarah said. He gave Kate a wink and then thanked Mrs. P and was out the door.


Until next time,


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