Kate Recuperates

Mrs. P seemed to be in her element. She caught up on the Kate’s laundry, made a delicious soup, and played with Sarah. Kate did what she could, one handed, but was glad Mrs. P was around. Sarah kept touching the rough plaster of Kate’s cast, frowning. “You hurt?” she would ask.

“I’m okay. Just tired.”

Sarah stayed close to Kate and they read books with Sarah turning the pages. After their lunch, both mother and daughter napped while Mrs. P washed up the dishes. Kate didn’t know how she would repay her, but Kate definitely planned to.

When Kate woke up, Jen was chatting with Mrs. P quietly in the living room.

“I stopped by after hearing about your accident. I had no idea. Are you okay?” Jen stood up and gave her friend a hug on Kate’s good side.

“I’m fine. A little banged up and tied up,” she said, lifting her cast.

“It could have been so much worse,” Jen said. “It took me longer to get home the snow.”

“Yeah, traffic on the highway wasn’t moving too fast after I left the drugstore.”

“I just stopped by to let you know I’ll bring you dinner tomorrow. Mrs. P said you guys have soup left for dinner and she’s making bread, which smells divine.”

“Thank you so much. We appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome. See you tomorrow,” Jen put her cap back on left for her afternoon shift.

Once again, Kate was thankful she had caring friends. While Mrs. P puttered in the kitchen, Kate tossed the ball for Buttons to give him at least a semblance of exercise. Sarah was still sleeping and Kate let her be. Kate went to the kitchen to ask Mrs. P if she wouldn’t mind wrapping the rest of Sarah’s presents.

“Of course, just gather your wrapping stuff and set it on the table. If Sarah wakes up, let me know and I’ll hide it.” Mrs. P kneaded her bread dough with experience and the yeasty scent did make it smell heavenly in the apartment. Kate grabbed an apple out of her fruit bowl and bit into it, watching Mrs. P work the dough. Kate was almost mesmerized by the woman’s natural movements. She finished her apple and tossed the core in the trashcan.

“Thanks, I just have a few more things.” She headed to the linen closet in the hallway where Kate had hidden the puzzles and letter magnets she hadn’t wrapped yet. Kate stored them there so she could get to them without waking Sarah in the bedroom. She felt relieved most of the presents were already wrapped and those things that weren’t could easily be put into gift bags which she could do herself. And now she had extra time to prepare for Christmas since she wasn’t leaving after all. Who knew a car accident could be a good thing?


Until next time,


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