Christmas Morning

Kate and Sarah's tree

Kate and Sarah’s tree

Sarah woke up and said, “It’s Christmas, Mommy! I want to open presents.” She threw off her blankets and jumped on the bed, trying to wake Kate. Buttons joined in, not knowing what the excitement was about, but he didn’t want to be left out. He jumped round on the bed, barking.

Kate shushed the dog and held him while she tried to contain Sarah’s excitement. “Just a few minutes, okay?” She rubbed Button’s head, trying to wake up fully. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was after seven. At least it wasn’t real early. Kate was glad she took the time to finish everything last night, including stuffing their stockings. She wiggled out of bed with her good arm and slipped into her robe as best she could with the cast, which over the last few weeks had become a nuisance.

She padded to the kitchen and started coffee. Then she pulled the fruit tray from the fridge that Mrs. P helped her make the day before and put some cinnamon rolls in the microwave to heat up. What a delicious breakfast, she thought. She and Sarah ate after letting Buttons outside for a few minutes. There was still snow on the ground from before her accident and more had fallen since. It was definitely a white Christmas this year.

Since it was a cloudy day, Kate turned the tree lights on and lit a couple candles. She took her camera out from the closet and prepared to take pictures as best she could one-handed. This should be interesting.

At ten-thirty Spencer and Mrs. P were coming over to help prepare for their dinner and to spend the day together. Kate was looking forward to it. This morning, Mrs. P was spending time with a few neighbors where she was having a Christmas brunch.

After Sarah opened her presents and exclaimed over each one, Kate gathered the trash and readied for a shower. She wrapped her arm in plastic and took a quick shower while Sarah played with her new toys. Kate was glad her hair was short as it made it faster and easier to wash with one arm. After she was ready for company, it was Sarah’s turn.

“I don’t want to take bath. I play.”

“You can play more after.” Kate convinced her to take her bath and then Sarah was having so much fun in the bath, she didn’t want to get out. “The water is getting cold, Sarah; it’s time to get out.”

By the time they were both ready for the day, the doorbell rang. Sarah looked cute in her corduroy jumper and ran ahead of Kate to answer the door.


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