Spencer Suggests a Picnic

When Spencer first got to Kate’s he wasn’t sure the picnic idea was going to happen. He didn’t know where the girls had gone, but when he noticed Kate’s car still in the lot, he knew they weren’t far. He had taken Mrs. P home after church and she had handed him the leftovers already packaged up. She insisted he take them.  It was her way of thanking him for the work done yesterday and for transporting her to church when he could.

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Your Lucky Day! 2-for-1 Deal

Today, I’m wrapping up chapter 9 of Heir Force.  I hope you enjoy it.  Stay tuned next week for the beginning of chapter 10!

Kate and Sarah Walk to the Park

The next morning after breakfast, Kate tried returning Mrs. Kern’s call, but had to leave a message. Kate realized it was Sunday and John’s mom was probably at church. Oh, well. They would have to play phone tag for now.

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Kate Considers Spencer’s Comments

Kate sat stunned on the sofa after Spencer left. He couldn’t possibly love her just because he felt guilty about Sarah and feeling like he had to help her. Could he? She flipped her legs up on the sofa and pulled down the blanket and wrapped herself in it, confused. And yet, he said he wasn’t obligated. If not, what then? Kate was still in love with John, wasn’t she? Even though he was gone? She sighed and stared at the ceiling wondering what she should do about it, if anything.

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Spencer Plays with Sarah

Kate had answered the door in her robe. Spencer tried to keep his thoughts pure, but oh, how he’d love to see underneath that ratty pink thing. He thought of an excuse to give her a new robe, but after a minute realized he didn’t need a reason. He’d just get her one next time he was out shopping. He would surprise her.

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Kate Catches Up

While Spencer worked for his neighbor, Kate turned on her cell phone after finding it in her purse. She had to charge it before she could play messages or read her texts. Most of her friends called her on her cell rather than the apartment phone. She let Buttons out on the patio and fixed Sarah a bowl of sliced fruit and milk. She made herself some toast and coffee.

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Spencer Works for Mrs. Pettigrew

The next morning was sunny and it was supposed to be in the mid-fifties. For October, it was great weather to get things done outside. Spencer figured the girls would be ok for a while, so he checked with Mrs. Pettigrew on getting started on her projects. He thought it would be a good day for it and wanted to take advantage of the warmer temperatures.

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Spencer Cooks Chicken Soup

Spencer arrived at Kate’s in short order and entered when Kate hoarsely called, “Come in.” Buttons came running to greet him, so Spencer scooped him up and gave him a quick rub from head to tail. Spencer put him down and then slipped out of his shoes. He set his grocery bags on the kitchen counter. After chatting with his neighbor, Spencer picked up some things at the store.

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Spencer Chats with Mrs. Pettigrew

Later after a slow afternoon of driving around the base and the flight line, Spencer drove home and changed out of his uniform. He slipped on a pair of sweats and old Tennessee t-shirt. He packed a bag in case he had to stay. As he was heading back to his car, he saw Mrs. Pettigrew strolling to her mailbox with letters in her hand. She wore a red cardigan and tan slacks.

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Spencer Returns to Work

The next morning, Spencer woke up, feeling bad about leaving Kate and Sarah the night before. But he felt it was the best course of action, though maybe not the one he wanted. Luckily it was Friday and he could help Kate with Sarah over the weekend as much as she would let him. He did some stretches in his room before showering and dressing in his green and black uniform. His black boots always pinched his piggy toes, so he put them on at the last minute before each shift.

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Spencer Gives Kate the Phone Message

Kate and Spencer stayed up late talking after Sarah went to bed. Kate sipped hot tea with lemon and honey. She stopped their conversation every few minutes to blow her nose. Since she had slept most of the day, she wasn’t ready to go to bed yet. But her illness still made her weak and cranky. They were talking about caring for Sarah.

“I don’t even know if I can leave her up here when I do the laundry,” Kate gestured with her hand. “And how is she going to react when I have to drop her off at daycare? How do you pick out a daycare? And how did John’s parents get my number anyway?” Kate was on a roll.

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