Time Flies

Boy, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year ago I set this blog up.  Needless to say, I have been busy writing, just not only on this story.  I have another novel nearly finished that I hope to take with me to a writer’s conference this September and get some feedback on.  I also have put aside my memoir for now.  I’ve had lots to do, including many book reviews and am working on a few shorter articles and an e-book for writers.  So much to do, so little time!

I promise, I will eventually get to Heir Force.  I am waiting on some information from someone before I go forward with it, so I don’t sound as foolish otherwise. 🙂

In the meantime, you can check on some of my writing at my other blog, bredkrums.wordpress.com. that I share with three of the best friends a gal could have.   Thanks for your patience and Happy Spring!



Heir Force Characters

I’m excited to say that I finished another project yesterday and it is with my editor. So, now I will get back to Heir Force soon. I have a lot to juggle with, including my four children and homeschooling, and normal family and home operations. Please forgive me for the delay.

Here are a couple of the characters though that you will be reading about in Heir Force.

Kate Langston: fiercely independent, active duty Air Force, tomboyish, sympathetic, has no desire to be a mother, about 5′ 10″, 28 years old

John Kern: Kate’s love interest, also active duty Air Force, confident but not cocky, has a secret, 27 years old and same height as Kate

Spencer Coleman: friend of both Kate and John, also active duty Air Force, named after the actor Spencer Tracy, quiet and gentle, just over six feet tall, a southern gentleman with southern values, from Tennessee

Other characters are involved in the story as well and I hope you enjoy them.

Happy reading!


Sorry For the Delay

Hello Readers,

I’ve been busy writing and learning about self-publishing via Amazon’s Kindle. So, I’ve put Heir Force on the back burner for a while, plus changed the setting, so have more work to do on it.

I posted in late June about all the excitement and anxiety of going the Kindle way on my other blog, bredkrums.wordpress.com for those interested in reading about it.

So these are the reasons for the delay. I hope to get started blogging Heir Force sometime in mid-to late August.

Thanks for your patience!