Kate and Spencer Still Stuck

The next day, Kate woke up to a loud scraping outside her room window. She hoped it was a snow plow finally clearing the parking lot. She slid out of bed and opened her curtains. Sunshine radiated off the snow, causing a sharp glare. Hope surged in Kate at the sight of the plow moving great mounds of snow away from the parked cars. Maybe they could finish their journey today.

Kate quickly got dressed, excited at the prospect of getting out of the hotel. Then she knocked on the connecting door to see if Spencer was up. He answered, “Come in.”

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Spencer and Kate Stop for the Night



“I see.” Kate shivered again. It was so strange to feel so cold after leaving home that morning. The skies were grayer and the white stuff was getting thicker. Spencer had the wipers on to keep the windshield clear. “Aren’t you cold?”

“I am.” He turned up the heat a little bit. “I should have checked the weather yesterday.”

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