Kate Promises Spencer her Heart

Spencer announced, “I want to talk.”

“What about?” Kate’s attention tuned into Spencer’s serious tone. She set her fork on her half-finished plate.

“Lots of things.” He reached across the table and held her hand, squeezing it gently. “I don’t want to rush you and I’m sorry if I’ve been a bit pushy lately. I don’t mean to be.”

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Pancakes for Breakfast

“At least not yet,” Spencer whispered. He turned back to Sarah. “What kind of pancakes, blueberry or chocolate chip?” Spencer asked, changing the subject. Kate acknowledged she had the ingredients needed.

“Chocwat chip! No daddy?” Sarah, as if on a mission, marched toward the dining room. Spencer and Kate followed.

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Breakfast for Three

“Good morning, ladies,” Spencer greeted Kate and Sarah from a table with a high chair already pulled up to it. He wore his striped knit shirt out and faded jeans. And shaved his whiskers.

“Morning.” Kate leaned down to Sarah and asked if she could say good morning or hello to Spencer. She shook her head. Kate picked her up and set her in the chair, pulling on a bib from the diaper bag. “Sorry, she’s a woman of few words this morning. Hasn’t said one at all even to me.”

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Kate and Spencer Eat Breakfast

Kate and Spencer sat down with waffles, eggs and juice in the cracker box sized eating area. Apparently they were the only guests hungry at the moment. Spencer said a brief prayer of thanks for their food and electricity which made Kate smile. After a few bites of her waffle Kate asked, “You go to church, right?” When Spencer nodded, she asked, “Which one?”

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