Spencer Leaves Work Early

Spencer was worried. He knew it wasn’t like Kate to be incommunicado on purpose. An airman was supposed to be reachable at all times, in case something happened and they had to report in or leave immediately.

Something happened to Kate and he had to find out what. He found Sergeant James and explained the situation. Before Spencer could finish, James said, “Go, go. We got it. Call us when you find out what’s going on. I’ll leave a message for Thompson.”

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Spencer and Kate Stop to Rest

Spencer drove several hours before they agreed to eat at Arby’s after refueling the car. With both humans and automobile filled satisfactorily, Kate and Spencer returned to the car where Spencer fiddled with the radio and found an oldies station before getting back on the highway. They heard the tail end of a weather report mentioning something about snow, but they weren’t sure where the station was located and didn’t worry about it. Although Kate commented, “Isn’t it a little early for snow except way up north?”

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