Spencer and Kate Take Off

When Spencer got home after getting Kate’s bags packed in his trunk, he finished his last minute packing, adding his cell phone charger, his electric razor, and some of his mail he hadn’t taken care of yet. He checked his email one last time and responded to his messages, then shut the machine off and unplugged it. Having lost more than one phone during electrical storms while away from home, he was now in the habit of unplugging all his electronics before he left on trips, though he no longer bothered paying for a landline.

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Spencer Helps Kate Calm Down

Spencer nearly choked on his water in the kitchen. Uh oh. He was in for it now. He set his glass on the counter and turned around, ready for Kate’s next onslaught.

“Yes, Kate?” Spencer tried to play it innocent.

“Do you know exactly what these papers say?” Kate huffed.

“Not exactly, no.” And that was the honest to God truth.

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