Kate and Spencer Still Stuck

The next day, Kate woke up to a loud scraping outside her room window. She hoped it was a snow plow finally clearing the parking lot. She slid out of bed and opened her curtains. Sunshine radiated off the snow, causing a sharp glare. Hope surged in Kate at the sight of the plow moving great mounds of snow away from the parked cars. Maybe they could finish their journey today.

Kate quickly got dressed, excited at the prospect of getting out of the hotel. Then she knocked on the connecting door to see if Spencer was up. He answered, “Come in.”

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Spencer and Kate run into unexpected weather

Kate drove for a while in silence, and Spencer eventually fell asleep. When she drove several miles northwest of Kansas City toward Iowa, she noticed white flakes floating around the car. “Spencer, wake up. What are these white things?” Kate knew what they were, of course, but they caught her off guard. It was way to early in the year to see white flakes drifting to the ground. And accumulating.

“Huh?” Spencer sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Kate repeated her question.

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Spencer and Kate Take Off

When Spencer got home after getting Kate’s bags packed in his trunk, he finished his last minute packing, adding his cell phone charger, his electric razor, and some of his mail he hadn’t taken care of yet. He checked his email one last time and responded to his messages, then shut the machine off and unplugged it. Having lost more than one phone during electrical storms while away from home, he was now in the habit of unplugging all his electronics before he left on trips, though he no longer bothered paying for a landline.

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Heir Force Novel: Kate Cooks and Spencer Installs

Previously on HFN: Kate and Spencer Spar

Kate took out the packages from the plastic bag and looked through them. She was glad Spencer was a computer geek in addition to his military role. She was already lost. She glanced through the car window and noticed the storm had eased up and would probably be only a memory by the time they got home and changed. She figured Spencer probably had clothes in the car, to make it easier to crawl around on the floor under and behind her desk.

After they got to her place and got Buttons to settle down at the prospect of a new playmate, they changed out of their wet clothes. Spencer asked, “Do you have a place I can hang this sopping thing?” He held up his uniform.

“I’ll get you a hanger and you can put it over the shower head.”

“Very practical.”

“Don’t start.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Spencer dropped his head in mock submission. Secretly he was wishing he could dry her off, but he had to reign in those thoughts.

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Heir Force Novel: Kate and Spencer Spar

Previously on HFN: Storms and Skype
Kate nodded. She looked out the window. “Looks like it let up some. Want to run for it?”

“Sure. I’ll get your door,” he said, but Kate was already out and running for it.

Spencer shook his head, running after her. Kate waited for him inside the door. “Well, that was fun,” she said.

“Something like that. Come on.” He led her to the area where they could find the equipment he needed. Spencer picked up a few packages and some cables. Kate just followed, letting him do his thing. This was definitely out of her realm. “Got everything I need. You need anything?”

“I’m good.”

Spencer walked over to the checkout. Kate pulled out her wallet, but Spencer said, “Let me get it. It’ll be faster.”

She didn’t want to protest and make a scene, so she kept silent. Spencer paid cash which surprised her. She took the bag while he got his change. “I’ll pay you back in the car,” she said. “I’ve got cash.”

“Nope. I got it.” He headed out the door.

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