Kate’s Dinner with Jen and Kelly

Since Kate was leaving in a couple days, she, Jen and Kelly made plans to have dinner at the Olive Garden in Fairview Heights. Mrs. P would watch Sarah since Spencer had to work that evening.

Kate drove on her own so she could get some stocking stuffers after dinner. Tonight flurries were falling and the forecast called for two inches of snow by morning. She pulled into the restaurant parking lot and went inside to see if either of her friends had arrived yet. She added her name to the list when she learned neither of them were there yet. She sat on a bench holding her gift bags.

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Spencer Checks on the Girls

Spencer was surprised at Kate’s abrupt hang up and was more concerned than when he first called. He was already dressed and had eaten a bagel with juice purchased the night before along with Kate’s groceries. He slid his feet into his shoes, grabbed his keys and drove straight to the nearest store. Spencer picked up muffins, chicken noodle soup, and children’s Tylenol in case Kate didn’t have any on hand yet.

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