Christmas Morning

Kate and Sarah's tree

Kate and Sarah’s tree

Sarah woke up and said, “It’s Christmas, Mommy! I want to open presents.” She threw off her blankets and jumped on the bed, trying to wake Kate. Buttons joined in, not knowing what the excitement was about, but he didn’t want to be left out. He jumped round on the bed, barking.

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Kate Thinks about Christmas

Kate left the rest of the decorations in the box, so that Sarah could help her put them out later when they had time. The remaining ornaments were made of wood or felt and Sarah wouldn’t be able to hurt them. Kate made a list of items she’d like to buy including some lights, stockings and gift wrap.

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Spencer Considers their Relationship

When Kate had kissed him earlier, Spencer thought he’d died and gone to heaven. Her flowery shampoo and her soft lips almost did him in. As far as he was concerned, he could be her ‘southern devil’ all day long.  He would keep giving her flowers and other gifts and planned to get her a new robe for her birthday coming up.

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Kate and Sarah Thank Their Friends

Kate's Thank You cards

Kate’s Thank You cards


After lunch, Kate put Sarah down for her nap and took out thank you cards. She wrote a short note to each of her friends who attended the shower yesterday and left them on the table for Sarah to add her name. Might as well start manners early, Kate thought.

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A Surprise Adoption Shower

After her nap, Kate noticed her answering machine was blinking. She had a message from Mrs. Kern. Kate had a few minutes before her friends arrived, so she called her back.

They chatted for a minute about how they were doing, and then Mrs. Kern said, “We have to clean out John’s apartment and wanted to check with you to see if we could see Sarah while we’re in town.”

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Hang in There!

Sorry for the delay, readers. I’ve gotten some additional information on how military funerals are handled and now have to re-write a few scenes.

Also, I’ve had my mom’s day care kids this week while she’s out of town. She has a home daycare and watches kids day in and out and has been doing this for years. I’m exhausted after 2 1/2 days! I don’t know how she does it, but it is definitely her gift. It is definitely not mine 🙂

I will try and get back to Heir Force next week! Thanks for your patience, your likes, and your follows!

Until then,