Last Night with Lauren and Judy

Tonight, Lauren and Judy wanted to take Kate and Sarah out for dinner. Kate suggested a family restaurant near the mall. During dinner, Lauren told Kate about the box of things for Sarah. Kate thanked her and said she could get it tonight when she drove them over for the night. Kate was taking them to a hotel in the area after they retrieved their suitcases from John’s now empty and clean apartment. “I’ll give you my copy of his key,” she pulled it out of her purse and took it off the ring.

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Dinner with John’s Mom

Kate and Sarah picked up Lauren and Judy around five for dinner. Kate didn’t look forward to being at John’s apartment; this would be her first time there since he died. She had a key, but hadn’t felt the need to use it. As a matter of fact, she’d have to give it to Lauren to turn in to his landlord.

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Spencer Takes a Message

Kate’s phone rang while Spencer was on his way back to the bedroom so he returned to the kitchen and answered it. Mrs. Kern, John’s mom was on the line. “Hi, Mrs. Kern. It’s Spencer. How are you?”

“Doing ok, I guess. And you?”

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Spencer Grieves and Worries

Previously on HFN: Kate Loses It

Spencer was in trouble. Big time. He swiped tears from his cheeks and thought about John never coming home, never telling Kate what had held him back. He and John would never tease each other again, never provoke each other on the running field or catch a movie together.

Spencer sighed as he thought about what would happen now. It felt like cinder blocks anchored his insides, leaving him with a heavy sickening feeling. He tried to comfort Kate, hugging and crying with her. Coworkers from the building were coming out in pairs now that the news was out about John. He felt pats on his back and shoulders. But they weren’t going to help.

Spencer prayed for the days and months ahead and for the reaction from Kate when she got John’s letter. Spencer regretted not pushing John harder to tell Kate his secret. But there was nothing he could do now, but push forward, for better or for worse.


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