Spencer Calls Kate

The next morning, Kate still felt tired. She walked out to the kitchen and saw bags of groceries on the counter. Bless that man, Kate thought. In addition to the bags, there were some lovely flowers in a pitcher. The sight didn’t surprise her as much as it should. She took a quick sniff before the phone rang.

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Spencer Shops for Kate

Spencer left with the list in his hand and drove to the nearest grocery store. After noticing what little Kate had in her refrigerator, which was understandable after a trip, he added some things to the list. He was grateful Kate hadn’t dwelt on his earlier comment. He wished he could retract it, but it was too late now. He would really have to watch himself over the next few weeks. He pushed the cart toward the dairy and got the milk and eggs and turned toward the floral department. He added a small bouquet of daisies.

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