Kate Catches Up

While Spencer worked for his neighbor, Kate turned on her cell phone after finding it in her purse. She had to charge it before she could play messages or read her texts. Most of her friends called her on her cell rather than the apartment phone. She let Buttons out on the patio and fixed Sarah a bowl of sliced fruit and milk. She made herself some toast and coffee.

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Spencer Returns to Work

The next morning, Spencer woke up, feeling bad about leaving Kate and Sarah the night before. But he felt it was the best course of action, though maybe not the one he wanted. Luckily it was Friday and he could help Kate with Sarah over the weekend as much as she would let him. He did some stretches in his room before showering and dressing in his green and black uniform. His black boots always pinched his piggy toes, so he put them on at the last minute before each shift.

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Spencer Takes a Message

Kate’s phone rang while Spencer was on his way back to the bedroom so he returned to the kitchen and answered it. Mrs. Kern, John’s mom was on the line. “Hi, Mrs. Kern. It’s Spencer. How are you?”

“Doing ok, I guess. And you?”

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Spencer Calls Andrew

Now what? Spencer took out his cell phone from the holder on his belt and called his friend Andrew, the kind of guy that jumped at the opportunity to help anyone in need. A cool guy in Spencer’s book.

“Hey, are you busy? I need a favor.”

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Spencer Checks on the Girls

Spencer was surprised at Kate’s abrupt hang up and was more concerned than when he first called. He was already dressed and had eaten a bagel with juice purchased the night before along with Kate’s groceries. He slid his feet into his shoes, grabbed his keys and drove straight to the nearest store. Spencer picked up muffins, chicken noodle soup, and children’s Tylenol in case Kate didn’t have any on hand yet.

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