The Next Morning

The next morning after a rerun of the same breakfast, which Kate and Spencer were both seriously tired of, Spencer asked Kate, “Are you ok?” Kate had been pretty quiet all morning. Back in their room, they were getting ready to repack their things.

Kate didn’t answer right away. She hadn’t slept well the night before, contemplating their conversations from the day before and wondering about Spencer’s stubbornness. She looked at him, trying to find the words to explain it all. How could she consider dating this great guy and be mourning for John and wondering how she was going to get through the next few months as a single parent?

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Kate and Spencer Get Away

After Kate took a much needed nap, she and Spencer decided to get out of the hotel for a while and took the hotel shuttle to a nearby mall. Spencer held the door for Kate in his customary fashion and walked in behind her.

Spencer thought part of Kate’s problem was she was going stir crazy stuck at the hotel and her emotions were wrung out after worrying about him getting sick, the blizzard and the other stuff dealing with John’s death and Sarah. The days stuck in the hotel and not being able to get to Sarah had to be excruciating for her. Kate was a do-it-now kind of person and Spencer could tell she was nearly at the end of her rope.

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