Spencer Reflects on the Evening

Spencer flicked on the TV in the room just for noise before he unpacked a few things for the night. He thought about the conversation earlier with Kate and wondered about the impulsive comment he made about her being adorable. It just came out. He hadn’t planned to say anything like that, so why did he? Too late now.

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Spencer and Kate Stuck

“Good thinking.” Kate followed Spencer down the hall after getting off on the third floor. Although paying for their room was the least of her worries at this point.

“Here we are,” he said, dropping his bag. He took out the card key from his pants pocket and let them in.

Kate reached for a light switch. “Very nice,” she said, walking over to the window. She closed the curtains and turned the heater on to medium. She took in the sofa, queen bed, and flat screen television resting on a large dresser. “What’s in the next room?”

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