Kate Kisses Spencer!

Kate's rose from Spencer

Kate’s rose from Spencer

In the morning, Spencer came in with a long-stemmed pink rose for Kate. “It’s beautiful, thank you.” She gave him a quick peck on the cheek before putting the bud in a vase.

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about,” he said quietly.

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Kate Returns to Work

Colorful mums

Colorful mums


Leaves fell all along the drive Kate took to work when she returned the first time since bringing Sarah home. Orange, maroon and gold leaves swirled from the oak and maple trees, and clusters of yellow and orange mums bloomed everywhere. When Kate and Sarah walked Buttons these days, they sometimes walked on a carpet of orange and brown leaves. The days were gradually getting cooler. And shorter.

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A Surprise Delivery

While Kate cleaned up their lunch mess, her doorbell rang. Buttons started barking and Kate shushed him so he wouldn’t wake Sarah. She opened the door to see a large flower arrangement obscuring the man behind it. “A Miss Langston?”


“Special delivery.” He thrust the vase toward her and pulled out a small clipboard and pen. “Sign here, please.”

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Kate Wails to Jen

Hello Readers,

I’ve been working on the rest of chapter 4 of Heir Force and ran across this section that should have been posted before Spencer Visits with His Neighbor.  I had written that as a new scene and then forgot about this one.  But you’re a forgiving bunch, right?

So this is right after Spencer let Kate know about John’s will and legal guardianship of Sarah.  Kate gets a phone call from Jen and she drives over to Kate’s.  This is where it continues:


The phone rang two hours later, waking her up. She thought at first not answering, but curiosity got the better of her. She looked at the caller ID. It was Jen.

“Hello,” Kate answered.

“Hey, Kate. It’s Jen, how you doing?”

“Awful.” She started to cry and moan.

“Kate? What’s the matter? I know John’s gone, but—“

“I’m a mother,” she wailed.

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