Last Night with Lauren and Judy

Tonight, Lauren and Judy wanted to take Kate and Sarah out for dinner. Kate suggested a family restaurant near the mall. During dinner, Lauren told Kate about the box of things for Sarah. Kate thanked her and said she could get it tonight when she drove them over for the night. Kate was taking them to a hotel in the area after they retrieved their suitcases from John’s now empty and clean apartment. “I’ll give you my copy of his key,” she pulled it out of her purse and took it off the ring.

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Spencer Considers their Relationship

When Kate had kissed him earlier, Spencer thought he’d died and gone to heaven. Her flowery shampoo and her soft lips almost did him in. As far as he was concerned, he could be her ‘southern devil’ all day long.  He would keep giving her flowers and other gifts and planned to get her a new robe for her birthday coming up.

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Dinner with John’s Mom

Kate and Sarah picked up Lauren and Judy around five for dinner. Kate didn’t look forward to being at John’s apartment; this would be her first time there since he died. She had a key, but hadn’t felt the need to use it. As a matter of fact, she’d have to give it to Lauren to turn in to his landlord.

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