Kate Taken To St. Elizabeth’s

Earlier in the evening the Fairview Heights Police Department were notified by an unidentified Good Samaritan of an accident on the highway not far from the mall exit. One car was in the ditch. Officers Taylor and Griffith were dispatched to the scene.

An unconscious Kate was picked up by emergency personnel and transported to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in downtown Belleville. She was assessed and put into a room to await an X-ray on her arm.

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Kate has a Meltdown

“I’m scared for her, what if something happens to me? She can’t lose any more parents!” Kate wiped away tears with her sleeve.

Spencer held her in his arms for a few minutes while she cried, wiping away her tears with his thumbs. Kate fell onto the bed, kicking off her shoes. Spencer pulled up a blanket, covered her and left the room.

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The Travelers Arrive Home

The rest of the trip went without incident and they pulled into Kate’s apartment complex about 8 o’clock. “Home, sweet, home.” Spencer turned the engine off and stretched.

“Finally. I can’t wait to see Buttons. I missed him.” Kate unlocked her seatbelt and twisted her neck back and forth. She glanced at Sarah, who had a glazed look.

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An Heir Force Recap

As promised, here’s a short recap of Heir Force. We first meet John and Kate who are both active duty and dating each other. But John has a secret and gets killed overseas without telling Kate what it is. Spencer, a friend of both John and Kate, knows this secret and wished John had shared it with Kate prior to his death.

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Kate Fills Out Adoption Forms

“Hello, Ms. Langston. I’m Mr. Miller, the director here.” He held out his hand and Kate shook it. His grip was solid without being too strong. “Come on in and have a seat.” Kate turned back to Spencer for a moment and saw him nod before she followed Mr. Miller into his inner sanctum. Mr. Miller walked back into his office and stood behind his desk, gesturing at one of the upholstered chairs for visitors before sitting in his own. His desk was immaculate except for a pile of papers and folders on one corner. A business phone, notepad and pencil cup were the only other items on the desk. A display of family photos in silver and brass frames adorned a credenza behind Mr. Miller’s desk.

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Kate Ponders Things

Kate stared at her traveling companion and shook her head. She got up, shut the room door all the way now that they had power to come and go and bolted it. Then she brushed her teeth and turned off all the lights except the one in the bathroom, leaving the door open slightly for some light and went to her room.

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Spencer and Kate Fill out Leave Forms

Editor’s Note: Things are constantly changing in the military and at the time I started this book, most leave paperwork was done with forms in triplicate copies. Today, many forms are filled out by computer, but for the sake of my story, I kept it old school to add this scene. And leave usually isn’t granted by a First Sergeant either, but can be recommended to an airman’s commander. I just love fiction, don’t you?

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Kate and Spencer Discuss the Details Part 2

Kate turned to Spencer and searched his face. He was looking out the window lost in his own thoughts. Kate saw compassion, confusion and was that… love? For her? She couldn’t deal with that right now. She had enough to deal with already without exploring those feelings. She took a deep breath. “Spencer, will you help me? Please?”

Spencer turned from the window and looked at Kate. After a few seconds’ silence, he answered, “Of course, I was planning on it. But I have a few conditions.” He cleared his throat and swallowed.

“Like?” Kate wasn’t sure she wanted to hear this.

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Kate Apologizes to Spencer

Kate walked back to the living room and cleared her throat. She didn’t sit back down. “I owe you an apology. I’m sorry for kicking you out last time. Since then, I’ve had time to think about things and have realized I’m not doing the right thing by Sarah.”

Spencer stood up and walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder, squeezing it. “Apology accepted. I’m here to help anyway you need, okay?”

Kate nodded. “I’m still a little mad at you, you know.”

“I figured as much. I was between a rock and a hard place as they say.”

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Kate Calls Jen

Kate dialed Jen’s number as soon as she found her phone in her purse. When Jen answered Kate blabbered on about her realizations.

Jen said, “Kate! Slow down. What’s going on?” Jen turned down her stereo before sitting down on her sofa and waited for Kate to calm down.

Kate shared with Jen the revelations of the last few minutes. “So, I’m a horrible mother and I haven’t even started yet!”

“Kate, calm down. You’ll be okay.” Jen looked at her watch. It was nearly nine at night, but it was Friday and she didn’t have to work in the morning. “Listen, I’ll pick up some hot chocolates and I’ll be over in a few minutes. Will you be okay until I get there?”

“Yes. I’ll try.” Kate hung up and decided to take Buttons for a short walk. Her anxiety needed an outlet. Though it was obviously dark out, there were numerous lights placed around the complex which were bright enough to make her feel safe and she wouldn’t leave the area anyway.

The night was warm and humid, the stars twinkling miles overhead. She tried to calm her beating heart and pace herself, but she was nearly running around the tennis courts. This was crazy. She was going to be a mother!


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