A Short Story

Dear Readers,

On the blog I share with three writing friends, we are doing a short story in a round robin fashion.  My friend Bev started the story, I posted my part today and two friends will finish it later this week.  Just thought I’d mention it for those who like short stories and to see what our writer’s group is up to.  Find it at paddlecreekwriters.com.


Until next time,




Brief Update

Hello Friends,

I don’t know how many of you are following me or my writing friends at bredkrums.wordpress.com, but we are moving from that site to paddlecreekwriters.com.  I just didn’t want any of you to get left behind. 🙂  We are starting over, to focus our blog more on writing and encouraging writers there.  We will give readers a few days to finish at bredkrums, but we have opened paddlecreekwriters.com, though not much is there yet.  It’s sort of still under construction.

Thanks so much!

And tomorrow, back to our regularly scheduled Heir Force segment!

Happy reading and/or writing!