Spencer Feels Like an Idiot

After an awkward walk back to Kate’s, Spencer helped Kate unload the stroller and lifted Sarah to her bed. “Thank you Spencer for the picnic. We all enjoyed it.”

“You’re welcome.” Spencer walked to the door. “See you later.” Maybe.

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Spencer Suggests a Picnic

When Spencer first got to Kate’s he wasn’t sure the picnic idea was going to happen. He didn’t know where the girls had gone, but when he noticed Kate’s car still in the lot, he knew they weren’t far. He had taken Mrs. P home after church and she had handed him the leftovers already packaged up. She insisted he take them.  It was her way of thanking him for the work done yesterday and for transporting her to church when he could.

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Your Lucky Day! 2-for-1 Deal

Today, I’m wrapping up chapter 9 of Heir Force.  I hope you enjoy it.  Stay tuned next week for the beginning of chapter 10!

Kate and Sarah Walk to the Park

The next morning after breakfast, Kate tried returning Mrs. Kern’s call, but had to leave a message. Kate realized it was Sunday and John’s mom was probably at church. Oh, well. They would have to play phone tag for now.

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