An Heir Force Update

Hello Readers!

As Kate, Sarah, Spencer and Mrs. P prepare for Christmas, I am at a crossroads. I need to decide where I am going to go (and how) at the conclusion of Heir Force.

Some of my decisions include whether to stay here at the Heir Force site and turn it into more of a writer’s life blog, start a whole new blog and hope you move with me, or stop blogging altogether.

My next novel coming out in September, Cookie Encounter, is part of my Chance Encounter Inspirational Romance series and is not related to Heir Force at all, except for being a novel written by me. I could start a new blog using the Chance Encounter Romance theme, but am not sure that is what I want. I also have a part of me that includes scrapbooking, homeschooling, traveling and reading dozens of books a year that I could include in this new venture.

So, I will be thinking about this over the next several weeks and will continue to post Heir Force, but maybe not as regularly. Speaking of Heir Force, last week I had the opportunity to see a Scott Air Force Base K-9 demonstration and took pictures I will post later this week.  I was so excited!

Bear with me as I navigate the turns in my life and thank you for reading, and liking this blog. I am thankful for you. I welcome any input you may have, questions, suggestions, etc.



living a writer’s life, which is crazy at times

That Evening

After their delicious soup which was as good as advertised from the tantalizing smells earlier, Spencer played with Sarah in the tub while Kate cleaned up the dishes. Spencer squirted bath toys, stirred up the water to make more bubbles, and dumped water over Sarah’s head, much to her delight. “More! More!” she squealed.

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Welcome to Heir Force!

Hello Readers,

I am getting ready to start posting this story and know you’ve all (all 3 or 4 :)) of you have been on the edge of your seats!

Over a decade ago, when our oldest daughter was born while we were stationed at Offtutt AFB, NE, the base paper ran a column called Heir Force, which announced the new births at the base hospital. Several years later, I had a dream about an active duty woman who becomes a legal guardian to a little girl, thus Heir Force was ‘born’. I hope you enjoy the story!

I will post the characters involved in this story soon. I have to do a little tweaking and figure out some of their backgrounds and then I’ll post again.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your feedback as Heir Force progresses.

Happy Reading!