A Bridal Shower

In mid-January, Kate received news that her paperwork had been approved. She only had three weeks left to work. She was thrilled she could stay home with Sarah before the wedding. She had so much packing and planning to do.

Her cast came off and she felt a whole lot better. The wedding would be simple, they would get married at the courthouse and then have a reception at the Scott Club. Spencer’s family was coming in for the wedding and some of them were staying with Mrs. P and some with Spencer.

When Kate called Lauren a few days after Christmas, Lauren was ecstatic. “That’s wonderful! We’re so happy for you. You will all make a nice family.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Kern. We appreciate your blessing. We’ll come visit this summer if that’s ok…”

“Of course! We’d love to have you. We’ll have the cabin ready for you. Just say the word.”


A few days later Kate’s friends threw her a bridal shower at Kelly’s place. She had it decorated in pink and white, though Kate wasn’t having a traditional wedding with exact colors. Kate told Jen to wear whatever nice dress she had, and of course Kate would be in white, but something very simple with no train or veil.

“Kate, usually the woman has the bridal shower before the baby shower,” Kelly teased. She stirred the punch sitting on the dining table. Today she wore a top with geometric shapes in royal blue and emerald green.

“I know; it’s so like me to do things out of order isn’t it?” Kate answered. She grinned to herself, she didn’t think this was her thing—to get married and be a mom. But she would do her best.

None of the other guests had arrived. Sarah was with Spencer and she was excited that her new daddy was coming over to work on some of her new puzzles she received for Christmas.

If it had been her choice, Kate would not be at this shower at all. But the girls convinced her and here she was. It was actually going to be partly a leaving the Air Force party also. So, in the end, it was a two-for-one in Kate’s mind.

Mrs. P and Jen came and several other coworkers. Mrs. P wrote the list of gifts and who they were from.

After the shower, Kate bundled her new gifts into the new car that she loved. Every time she got in it, she couldn’t believe Spencer had bought it for her and kept it a surprise.

Now she had a few surprises for him that she thought he would like once the evening of Valentine’s Day came around.


Until next time,



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