Spencer and Kate Stop to Rest

Spencer drove several hours before they agreed to eat at Arby’s after refueling the car. With both humans and automobile filled satisfactorily, Kate and Spencer returned to the car where Spencer fiddled with the radio and found an oldies station before getting back on the highway. They heard the tail end of a weather report mentioning something about snow, but they weren’t sure where the station was located and didn’t worry about it. Although Kate commented, “Isn’t it a little early for snow except way up north?”

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Spencer and Kate Take Off

When Spencer got home after getting Kate’s bags packed in his trunk, he finished his last minute packing, adding his cell phone charger, his electric razor, and some of his mail he hadn’t taken care of yet. He checked his email one last time and responded to his messages, then shut the machine off and unplugged it. Having lost more than one phone during electrical storms while away from home, he was now in the habit of unplugging all his electronics before he left on trips, though he no longer bothered paying for a landline.

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Kate Prepares for a Road Trip

****This is the end of Chapter 4!****

When they were finished with their leave paperwork, Kate and Spencer had to finish their shifts but made plans to pack the car after dinner and leave early in the morning.  “I’ll Google the route later, and print out directions.  What time do you want me to stop by tonight?” Spencer asked before going his way.

“Eight o’clock ok?”

“Works for me.”

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Spencer and Kate Fill out Leave Forms

Editor’s Note: Things are constantly changing in the military and at the time I started this book, most leave paperwork was done with forms in triplicate copies. Today, many forms are filled out by computer, but for the sake of my story, I kept it old school to add this scene. And leave usually isn’t granted by a First Sergeant either, but can be recommended to an airman’s commander. I just love fiction, don’t you?

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Spencer Preps for a Road Trip

Sorry for the delay in the next post of Heir Force.  I was helping my daughter with an essay and her first attempt was over 1,000 words in one looong paragraph.  I introduced her to the tab and enter buttons.  ¦⊃

I also had to figure out the rest of this chapter and finish one of the scenes before I could continue.  Alas, enjoy!


After driving home from Kate’s, first thing Spencer did when he got home was throw a load of clothes in the washer, and then found the phone charger in a kitchen drawer. When he took care of that, he changed into old sweats to change the oil. His duplex had a garage and he already had six quarts of oil on hand. When that was done, he went through the refrigerator, dumping out old leftovers and milk. He added the dishes to the dishwasher and with what was already in it had enough to run it. Then he bagged what little perishables he had left and walked over to Mrs. Pettigrew’s.

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Kate and Spencer Discuss the Details Part 2

Kate turned to Spencer and searched his face. He was looking out the window lost in his own thoughts. Kate saw compassion, confusion and was that… love? For her? She couldn’t deal with that right now. She had enough to deal with already without exploring those feelings. She took a deep breath. “Spencer, will you help me? Please?”

Spencer turned from the window and looked at Kate. After a few seconds’ silence, he answered, “Of course, I was planning on it. But I have a few conditions.” He cleared his throat and swallowed.

“Like?” Kate wasn’t sure she wanted to hear this.

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Kate and Spencer Discuss the Details

A few days later, Kate looked for Spencer when she got to work. “Hey, Spencer.”

“Hi, how are you doing?” Spencer looked like he was headed out somewhere, since he was spinning his keys on his fingers and had his hat on.

“Fine I guess. Are you free after work?”

“Sure.” Curious, Spencer dropped his keys into the front pocket of his uniform pants.

“Can you come over?”

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Spencer Helps Kate Calm Down

Spencer nearly choked on his water in the kitchen. Uh oh. He was in for it now. He set his glass on the counter and turned around, ready for Kate’s next onslaught.

“Yes, Kate?” Spencer tried to play it innocent.

“Do you know exactly what these papers say?” Kate huffed.

“Not exactly, no.” And that was the honest to God truth.

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Kate Apologizes to Spencer

Kate walked back to the living room and cleared her throat. She didn’t sit back down. “I owe you an apology. I’m sorry for kicking you out last time. Since then, I’ve had time to think about things and have realized I’m not doing the right thing by Sarah.”

Spencer stood up and walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder, squeezing it. “Apology accepted. I’m here to help anyway you need, okay?”

Kate nodded. “I’m still a little mad at you, you know.”

“I figured as much. I was between a rock and a hard place as they say.”

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Questions About Photos

So many blogs look nice with graphics and photos, but since this is a novel told in blog posts, I didn’t think pictures would work very well and didn’t know what to use anyway.  What do you think?  Do you think some pix would make this blog look better, or do you like it without pix?  I am wondering whether I should take time to find appropriate pix for the story or not.  I am so not a techie, that if I found any pix to use, they would have to be very simple for me to copy and paste, or whatever.  So, what do you guys think?  Do you like not having pix to look at and thinking up your own images for the characters and settings for the story or would you prefer a few pix throughout?

Pondering pix,